Hello, my name is Hendy Serrano and I am a

Full-stack developer with a knack for design. Proficient in React, Next.js, Node.js, and more.

Based in Madrid 🌃

Get in touch — hendy@hserrano.me

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I've been interested in sofware and development ever since I setup my first public Minecraft server at the age of ten, which had around 40 players at one point. Later, I started working as a web developer when I was nineteen.

I started out as a freelancer in 2018 and then worked in Akimad (February 2019 - July 2021) on +10 full-stack developer, and later as lead developer in an agile workflow.

I've always enjoyed UI/UX design and I'm always looking for ways to improve the user experience on everything I work on through both development and design.



JavaScript Single-page Applications (SPA) ES6, TypeScript React Redux Next.js Gatsby TypeScript CSS/SCSS React Native Material UI Tailwind CSS


Node.js Express SQL (PostgreSQL/MySQL) MongoDB REST Strapi (Headless CMS) Firebase Third-party APIs (Google Maps, Stripe, etc.)


Search engine optimization (SEO) Heroku Ubuntu AWS Netlify Docker Git GitHub UI design UX (User Experience)

Some projects


IoT Android and iOS app integrating well known devices from multiple brands in a single app, with gamification at its core to help people to be more eco-friendly.

Role: Lead developer.

Tech stack: React Native, Node.js, PostgreSQL.

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iOS and Android app and business dashboard empowering small businesses in Biarritz, giving customers tools for booking, pickup, and events.

Role: Lead developer.

Tech stack: React Native, React, Node.js, PostgreSQL.

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Trabajos Remotos

Job board providing a platform for employers to find the best Spanish-speaking remote workers from LATAM and Spain.

Role: Co-founder, UI/UX design, development.

Tech stack: Next.js, React, Node.js, Strapi, SQLite.

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Get in touch — hendy@hserrano.me